1932 MG F Type MAGNA                                                                                            

6 cylinder 1271cc. 4 Speed manual

This car is one of approximately thirty that were bodied by Jarvis of Wimbledon and is one of only three known survivors. The MG was purchased, in need of restoration, in 1975 from well known Kensington Vintage car dealer, 

Dan Margulies. The car was then stored for some years and in 2005 a full restoration was embarked upon. There is a comprehensive file detailing all the work carried out to the car including a full engine rebuild by marque specialist, which included the fitment of a full flow oil filter with a dedicated feed to the rear main bearing and side water pipes to the cylinder head, which was an important modification on the later cars. Other work includes the fitment of a new larger capacity fuel tank to give a longer range, new wings made to the exact design of the missing originals, overhauled and recored radiator, rebuilt carburettors and dynamo, respoked wheels and a new hood and sidescreens. More recently a fast road camshaft has been fitted to optimise performance.

I have recently taken on an extended test round the New Forest and was very impressed. The engine starts readily and emits a lovely six cylinder growl which, coupled with the ENV gearbox  make it very enjoyable to drive. All the dashboard instruments are working correctly with the exception of the clock.  This is a great chance to own a 6 cylinder pre-war MG at 4 cylinder money.