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The car was acquired by the current owner through Alan Drayson at Canford Classics who is a Porsche specialist with a passion for early 911 cars. He is one of the best classic Porsche restoration experts in this country. 

The car had been in storage for 16 years having been brought to this country by a German doctor of engineering. The car was 100% original, intact and totally corrosion free. The special colour marked it out as an important find. Research revealed it to be the car from the Porsche exhibition at the 1987 Frankfurt IAA show. The car was taken off the production line on 31st August 1987 and delivered a special department with Porsche to prepare it for the show. 

The show of 1987 was quite special with the launch of the 911 Speedster, and the stand was prepared in a one off unique way. The layout was follows: three cars in white, the 911 Speedster in the centre, the Indy- Fahrzeug-far left and a 944 Turbo Cup-Fahrzeug-far right. Three mauve or dark pink cars, a 911 Turbo Cabriolet flat-nose, a 911 Carrera and a 944 Turbo. Three pearlescent gold cars, this 911 Turbo Cabriolet positioned 

opposite the main display Speedster, a 924S and a 928S. In between these cars there were three light blue consisting of a 911 Carrera Targa, a 944S and a 928S. All these cars were painted a special one off colours and displayed to create a colour mix. According to Porsche factory records the colour of this car is described as “colour to sample” code 9999. It was never intended for production. 

The show cars were produced with high quality interiors. This car has beautiful full light grey leather upholstery, with a slate grey electric powered hood. The car features heated electric sport seats, and air conditioning; the overall effect is one of luxury. The car was sold by Porsche on 9th December 1987. 

It is not known who acquired the car at this time. Later it was acquired by a German engineering doctor who is married to a Welsh lady. Around 1999 the car was driven to Wales from Frankfurt and placed into storage. The doctor had accepted a new position in the Philippines. After many years of not being used Canford Classics were offered the car and subsequently arranged a deal with the current owner. 

The intention at that time was to bring the car back to show condition. “Alan who has a deep love of these cars and is a perfectionist persuaded me the car needed to be returned to original condition.” This has turned out to be quite a long journey with work scheduled between other restoration tasks. The car which had covered 69,936 KM (43,360 miles) had a corrosion free body. 

In true Canford Classics form the car was completely stripped to expose the cars shell, and was put back together making sure all the parts were good or replaced where necessary. The engine and transmission have been stripped and inspected. The seats cleaned to new condition by a specialist and the hood which was badly stained has been replaced with the original material. The paint has been carefully matched and repainted the exact colour. The car only received genuine parts and is now in new condition, a show car in every respect. There are invoices in the history file for all this work. It drives like a new car. 

The car is registered in the UK is kept in a controlled environment and is serviced regularly even though it hardly covers any kilometres each year. It is complete with all it’s tools, spare wheel, jack and its compressor.  


The car features in GT Porsche Magazine December 2015 edition and Porsche Fahrer, August edition 2014. 

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